Ah! Dear, Lady Sue!  How you came to me in my time of need.  An emotional, sobbing wreck of a shell I was as I watched another era die and leave.  Nearly directionless, with frozen feet to move me, I drifted from hell to heart-ache.  When you arrived, you were golden in my eye.  You took me places I was needing to go, though you know I dragged behind most of the time.  Then again, you also ran me through the mud a time or two.  And, oh man, did I curse you!  We managed to continue our journey together…only after the heat of my temper subsided and you were on the mend.  Lady Sue, there was a moment once or twice, I thought you’d leave me for nothing.  You sat there hopelessly, mysteriously still.  Scared me half-to-death thinkin’ you might would give up, decide not to take another breath.


In your younger years you were elegant and bright, cheerfully flawless.  I remember.  But you weren’t mine then.  Another held your heart.  She called and you answered, dutifully.  But Time does not pass idly.  Though you weren’t mine, I came around.  Your heart holder was a companion of mine.  Lady, I never expected you.


Do you remember in those days, a wild one when KC steam rolled over you?  Your cheek still bears the scar of what a drunken silly fit it was.  Your heart holder had a great laugh at the shenanigans.  I’m sure you thought less of it, but you remained silent.  Your loyalty was not your fault.


Or Lady do you recall JD’s laughter as you spent so much time together in the city? Ha!  The laughter could break on through the sound barrier the air was so pregnant with joy.


Sometimes you and your heart holder would drive out beyond the city lights.  I’d come along.  We’d sing, laugh, worship, cry, and overstay our welcome ‘til our eyelids could bare it no longer.  Through cold starry nights we carried each other on home.


Then there were those groggy Saturday mornings. Waking on the couch, hungover from the night before. I’d throw on your heart holder’s borrowed clothes.  Rolling the bottoms so they wouldn’t drag as we walked out the door.  Giving little care of our demeanor, we’d ride up to grab some grub.  Waffle with syrup, eggs sunny side up, coffee on the way.  A cig on the way home hanging out in the breeze.


Minor aches and pains would come to you in those glory days, but nothing the doctor couldn’t cure.  What befell you no one saw coming.  And with that plague, sick and in despair you went away alone.  Your heart was held in limbo.


That’s when I found you again, in a shack of a place.  Dusty and hidden, but to me you shown as pure gold.  They may have seen only your dusty lifeless appearance, but your brilliance was breathing hope into me again.  We seemed fitting for one another.  You, out solo secluded for a time.  Me, wrecked by a wrong turn in need of some saving grace.


It took you some time, but you came around.  You came alive.  Your heart was handed over to me, as the new holder.

Lady Sue, not all these days have made our glory years.  You’ve got more scars.  I’ve got more hidden greys.  The price of wisdom I’d like to say.  But you and I, we know what’s true.  Late night confessions whispered, sometimes yelled, together we tell the tale of repairing and rebuilding.


We knew each other before we really knew.  So what do you say, my Lady?  One last dance before you go on your way?  I must be moving on, no reason to linger.  You’ve got some life in you yet stored, to give someone else; even if you bear the reproach of years past, and confessions kept in lock and key.


My lady it is about time.  I’ll hand over your heart to yet another holder.  And Lady, I know, you will leave right on que.



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