Lauren’s intriguing writing style allures the reader into a peaceful excursion through the imagination.


“I am made to create, if I don’t, then a great adventure is never embarked upon.  It will sit within me never activated, never spurring on another’s wild dream.”


The power of the pen first was made a reality to Lauren at a very young age.  She found that her writing could be a tool to encourage others, but also to tell stories that needed to be told.


“There is something about story, it speaks not just to our mind but also our heart. Instruction is wasted breath without the reality of authenticity.”


She writes both fiction and non-fiction, and is currently focusing on a few larger pieces of art. Her writing often takes the form of short poetic prose in which she rebels against the status quo.


She has dabbled in several other creative arts from photography, pastels, and acrylic painting.  She has recently become passionate about marrying writing with the visual arts.   She sees this as a way to inspire expression by engaging more than one of the onlooker’s senses.  She believes collaboration among differing artist to be a path less taken, but very much to be desired.


Through all of her creativity there is an air of contemplation.  She desires to speak directly to the heart and dreams of man, combating a culture caught in the stagnant waters of self-criticism, comparison, and a survival mentality.


“This life is a journey full of mini adventures.”


Lauren lives in beautiful Charleston, SC. She embraces everything “Lowcountry” and loves her Holy City.  She knows how to throw a cast net and cook up a dozen blue crabs.  She’s acquainted with the smell of pluff mud and watches the tide charts as they move. Sand on one’s toes is no reason for a shower, and porches are made to relax on.


She desires to see cultural transformation and sees this coming forth through the arts and entertainment.  She is a big believer in finding inspiration through adventure traveling.  Claiming travel as “research” in which intel, sights, and sounds are gathered to bring back to her beloved hometown.


Lauren is a big proponent of maintaining healthy community with others.  She believes there is a richness to championing on others.  Doing life together is golden reciprocity.  She is passionate about collaboration among artists and is a natural networker of people.


When she is not hustling, you can find her surfing, kayaking, or hiding away with coffee and friends. She loves trying out new things and learning.  She is enamored by the grace that keeps her afloat even in the midst of her fall outs and shifting learning curve.  She is skilled in hearing others stories, valuing their unique journey, and coming alongside them in the art of counseling. She contributes her artist flare to the Creator himself who is chalk full of expressive ideas. Her faith is her anchor, the ship, and the rudder.





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